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Paper Mosaic Studio

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Blog, Commission, News | Comments Off on Paper Mosaic Studio

Karen Sikie offers your home, business, or personal art collection beautiful and immaculately detailed collages. Paper mosaic is a highly detailed form of collage which consists of essentially painting with paper. Karen Sikie carries this out by first drawing a complete image, then this drawing acts as the map for her collage. Afterwards, each shape is traced creating a pattern. Lastly, the paper is handcut and placed on the drawing. The final masterpiece comes together meticulously piece by piece, paper by paper.


Karen’s works consist of beautiful portraits of women. She uses an array of pastel colors, dark tones, light tones, and ranges of opacity. Many of the colors in her color palette consist of blues and greens and all the shades and tones in between. Karen Sikie also creates botanical paper mosaics. These consist of plants, flowers, leaves, birds, and butterflies. The colors range from greens, to yellows, to blues and many earthy tones.


Karen also creates beautiful abstract paper mosaics that consist of earthy tones and pastel blues and greens. Her abstract pieces consist of many basic shape elements such as circles, lines and squares. At her studio she also creates pieces using Lucite, which is a beautiful material that is translucent. Karen engraves and carves into both sides of the Lucite to create her designs. The wondrous part of Lucite is that by carving into both sides of the Lucite, it creates a sense of depth and layers by the interaction the Lucite has with light.


Karen’s Lucite works of art consist of botanical and abstract. The botanical pieces are colorful and earthy plants and leaves. There are blues, greens, oranges and red. Her Lucite abstract pieces consist of circles, patterns, and many linear elements that are beautifully intriguing. Paper Mosaic Studios offers commission work as well at an affordable price for the beautifully unique paper mosaic pieces.