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Karen Sikie Brings Art To Life

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Blog, News | Comments Off on Karen Sikie Brings Art To Life

With showrooms in Los Angeles and Pasadena, California, Karen Sikie is a sought after artist for unique pieces for any space. Karen creates art work that is featured in galleries but also works on commissioned pieces. No matter the medium or style, Karen can create a beautiful and unique piece for your home or office. Enhance the ambiance of your environment with a one of a kind art piece that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Paper Mosaics

By using paper mosaics, Karen can create unique art pieces, even portraits as she paints with paper. The first step to the portrait process is to have a drawing on a panel. This will be the map Karen uses to paint with paper. Each shape is then traced from the drawing to create a pattern. Each paper is hand cut and applied to the surface, emerging the picture one piece at a time.

Botanicals can also be created with paper and Karen creates lovely art work of various botanicals by using beautiful colored paper. She transforms the canvas with the lightest touch as she carefully cuts out the shapes to create the beautiful picture of a unique flower or plant.

Lucite Artwork

Another medium that Karen works with is Lucite. This material is translucent and with dremil tools and an exacto blade, Karen is able to engrave the sides to create a botanical or abstract design. Both sides of the Lucite are used to create depth and layers to the piece as it interacts with the light.

Karen can create a unique piece for every client or art enthusiasts can choose to purchase a piece online. Karen sells Lucite botanicals, Lucite abstract, paper mosaic abstract, paper mosaic portraits and paper mosaic botanicals at her website. The unique pieces will provide visual interest to any space as well as give you a conversation piece to share with friends and family.