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Is your home your sanctuary space? Is being surrounded by beauty important to you? Art can contribute greatly to the ambiance in your environment.

I create images with the intention of bringing the beauty and energy of the natural world into your space.

Whether you prefer abstract or realistic, the medium of collage or Lucite, my work is about the natural world.

My specialty is commissions. I want to create art that enhances your interior and has meaning for you.  Click here to see past commissions, or email me so we can chat.



my story

Art is in my blood.
My paternal grandmother was a hobby artist who painted still lives of flowers in vases and small landscapes. My father also wanted to be an artist but was unable to fulfill his dream.

My early memories always revolved around art. I hoarded all the crayons in kindergarten and created TWO finger paintings because I did not like the composition of the first one. I was stingy with my doodle art makers so my brother and sister wouldn’t use them all up. Then I found paint by numbers! Little did I know that this would be the one of the major influence on my process in my artistic life.

The moment I decided I wanted to be an artist was in the UCLA campus bookstore. I was an unhappy French Major browsing the art section and saw a book of Gustav Klimt’s work. I shuddered and made the choice right then and there to become an artist.

I left UCLA to pursue an independent study program at El Camino Junior College. I took drawing and painting classes while I worked in an art gallery and framing store. I was introduced to all kinds of paper while framing and soon paper made its way into my paintings.  Eventually the paper took over completely as I developed what I call Paper Mosaic, which is a highly specialized form of collage.  The process is very similar to paint by numbers.

Knowing I had something special, I decided to turn my art career into an art business. I reached out to interior designers and started to successfully build a career. Then, my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer and my world stopped.

During my mother’s illness and eventual passing two years later, my spiritual life was my lifeline, and nature my reprieve.  I wanted to understand life and death. I read spiritual text and modern thinkers and the analogy of nature seemed to run through it all.

I had always loved flowers, butterflies and trees as subjects for my artwork, but now they were pregnant with deeper meaning for me.

Returning to resurrect my art business felt scary. But I knew I had to practice what I have been learning in my spiritual quest and bring that not only to my life but also to my art practice. So, I started to trust my own nature and relax and go with the flow. Life is supposed to feel good!

My artwork now is infused with the beauty and wisdom of the natural world that serves to remind me and my collectors that we are connected to an energy that never dies but continues to transform in an ever flowing unfolding. Like the caterpillar that is fully equipped to transform into a butterfly, we all are intrinsically wired to bloom!



Nature’s infinite array of beautiful forms and patterns are my muse.  It is a feast for the eyes and an invitation to dwell on deeper themes such as; energy, movement, and the flow of life and death as the natural cycles of nature. These ideas are the underpinning of my work. Shapes, forms and patterns are my language.



Karen was born and raised in southern California. Out of high school she attended UCLA as a French major. It was there she discovered Gustav Klimt, Ernst Haeckel, Egon Schiele, William Morris and Alponse Mucha and the dormant artist was awakened.

She left UCLA and pursued an independent study program at El Camino College. She conducted life drawing sessions in her apartment and surrounded herself with art by working as a framer and in a local art galleries. As a framer she was introduced to many types of decorative papers and they began to make their way into her paintings. Soon the papers took over completely and she developed a highly specialize form of collage she calls “Paper Mosaics”.   She then began working with interior designers installing “Paper Mosaic” murals in small interior spaces and eventually gaining representation at the Pacific Design Center with the Bradbury Collection.  This led to exposure in The House Beautiful Celebrity Design House in 2003, the Hancock Design House in 2004, and the Pasadena Design House 2008. Her interior design contacts expanded from there.    As she grew as an artist she became interested in also working with Lucite. This enabled her have more flexibility when working with interior designers by installing the Lucite as panels in doors or using them as partitions. The Lucite has an amazing reaction to light. This is what Elements Kitchen’s Head Chef Onil Chibas saw when he commissioned her to do all the work for his new fine dining restaurant, including the bar area. Her work is currently shown at Cisco Home showrooms in Los Angeles and Pasadena. And, she is an active member of the Los Angeles Art Association.




Garden VarietyMoorpark Collage Art Gallery, Moorpark CA
Paper DollsLos Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles CA

group exhibitions

Water & Wood Hermosa Design, Hermosa Beach CA
BloomDescanso Gardens, Sturt Haaga Gallery, Flintridge CA
Art Works for HealingArena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica CA
Inglewood Artist Show Residency Gallery, Inglewood CA
Art Makes ChangeBergamot Station, Santa Monica CA
EarthBergamot Station, Santa Monica CA
StreamingHale Arts, Santa Monica CA
PaperworksCity of Brea Gallery, Brea CA
OenophiliaThe Loft at Liz’s, Los Angeles CA
Comida y ArteThe Wine Vault, Glendale CA
Portraits of the FallenMt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery, San Jacinto CA
Henry Road Grand OpeningGrand Opening, Studio City, CA
Santa Monica Airport Art WalkArt walk, Santa Monica CA
Get ArtProject Angel Food, Los Angeles CA
The Flora and SpiceThe Loft at Liz’s, Los Angeles CA
GemLois Lambert Gallery, Bergamont Station, Santa Monica CA
Wellness WorksBarnsdall Gallery Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Earth NightJeanie Madsen Gallery, Santa Monica CA
Made in CaliforniaBrea Gallery, City of Brea CA . Honorable Mention
Portraits of the FallenTerrel Moore Gallery, Los Angeles CA
Inglewood Open StudioBeacon Arts Gallery, Inglewood CA
AFTA Artist Unite for JapanRoyal T, Culver City CA
Open SpacesAFTA Gallery, Glendale CA
Deconstructed ApplicationsMunicipal Gallery, Hollywood CA
InspireArt From the Ashes, Glendale CA
Live AuctionLos Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles
InsecticideLiz’s Loft, Los Angeles CA
Cisco Home & HastensCisco Home Pasadena La Case De San, Gabriele CA
Diverted DestructionLiz’s Loft, Los Angeles CA
Branching Out Elements Kitchen, Pasadena CA
MetaCisco Home, La Brea, Los Angeles CA
Project 210Project 210 Gallery, Pasadena CA
AuroraLos Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles CA
Go Green HouseWestchester, Los Angeles CA
Santa Barbara GardensSanta Barbara CA
GemLos Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles CA
My New CountryLos Angeles Art Association, Los Angeles CA

corporate collection

NBC on the set of About a Boy
New Life Advocacy, Torrance CA
Kaiser Permanente Corporate Offices, Riverside, California
Little Tokyo Lofts, Los Angeles, California
Women for Women International, Washington DC
Western Assets Corporate Office, Melbourne Australia
Saint Josephs Hospital, Arizona